Cahootify is the online project portfolio and team-forming platform for film, media and entertainment professionals. This blog post will be looking at the features of this social network and looking at how a film maker could best use into create a professional online presence.

What does Cahootify do?

Cahootify allows you to create an online project portfolio, which tells people who you are, and shows them a prime selection of projects you’ve worked on. Also it credits people who you’ve enjoyed working with, this helps them along, also it helps you along because people are more likely to get in touch if they know someone who knows you. You can use Cahootify to get yourself out there, so other people can see your work and might want to work with you.

How to create a professional online presence.

For most businesses having a good online presence is very important. Some top tips on creating a professional online presence are:

  • Use a professional picture of yourself consistently This allows potential clients to recognise you.
  • Use established media sites This allows you to be reachable and visible on sites that potential clients already are.
  • Be consistent potential clients wants to see recent and updated information on what you have been up to so they know what you have been doing recently.

How to use other media platforms to market yourself online

There are a lot of social media platforms, for you to use to market yourself online and create a social professional presence for yourself. For example Twitter is a good way to market yourself online. There are a lot of ways you can use twitter to market yourself online for example:

  • pinned Tweet a pinned tweet stays at the top of the your twitter feed so if potential clients go on your twitter the first thing they will see is your pinned tweet. For a film maker they could do a film reel of all their work and put that as their pinned Tweet so when potential clients go on their twitter the first thing they will see is their pinned Tweet on their film reel, so will be able to see some of their work and can decide if they want to work with them or not.


  • Follow film makers: If you follow film makers who are trying to make it just like you, they might end up following you back, which means you could start a conversation with them to find out what they’re working on, and maybe get some tips, also if you start talking to them you could ask them for a shout out. where the person mentions you in a tweet, this will really help especially if they have more followers than you. if they give you a shout out that means that more people will know who you are and you might get more followers, which will also increase your online presence.
  • Retweet and favourites: Getting retweets means that whoever retweeted your tweets their followers will be able to see it aswell, this way more people will be able to see your work. If someone is in the  film making industry aswell and retweets your tweet they might know someone who might see it and might want to work with you. Retweeting is a folksonomy of twitter. A folksonomy is an informal way of categorising things. it refers to categorisation by the user. Retweeting is a folksonomy because you choose what you retweet which means you choose what your followers see.

Other social media platforms, that you can market yourself on is Facebook. Some ways on how to market yourself on Facebook:

  • There share button For a film maker trying to get their self out there they can put a film reel on Facebook, and their followers can use the share button to share the film reel, so their followers can see it too and get their name out there. This can also help them be seen by someone in the film making industry that might want to work with them.
  • Have their own Facebook page- For a film maker having their own Facebook page will be useful because they can put all their information on and they can also put their film reels on their so people can see what they’ve made. Having a Facebook page will allow potential clients to see your page and see all the projects you’ve done so they might want to work with you. Also by having a Facebook page people can like it which shows potential clients that people are connecting with you on a social media level.
  • Another social media platform you can use to market yourself online is Instagram:
  • Short film reel- Instagram allows you to post videos now. So for a film maker this is helpful because they can post film reels of their work, also a Taxonomy of Instagram is that they put the posts in order of when they were posted, so this is helpful to potential clients because they can see how consistent they are on social media and see how often they update social media. Below is a link to my blogpost on taxonomies and folksonomies on Instagram:
  • taxonomies and folksonomies on instagram
  • For film maker who are trying to be found by potential clients having a link to your cahootify profile in your bio will be useful, because if a potential client came across one of your social media sites they will be able to click on your link in your bio and will see all the information they need about and what kind of projects you’ve been on, so they see how experienced they are.

Other sites like cahootify:

  • LinkedIn is a professional network site with 300 million people signed up. Just like Cahootify LinkedIn is a site where you can create a professional online profile, however you can also stay in touch with colleges and classmates on LinkedIn.
  • Linked in helps you discover professional opportunities, business deals and new ventures.
  • You can also use LinkedIn on the go on your mobile phones and tablet so you can keep up to date with all the job opportunities they have.
  • LinkedIn is classed as a community site, however it’s also a social media site because you can talk to friends online and you can also check on your phone and tablet.
  • Cahootify can be classed as both a community and a social media site because Cahootify is one big site where everyone is connected and looking for professional work. However it it also lets you talk to people if you want to collaborate with them. However in my opinion Cahootify is mainly a community because everyone is there because they want to make it as film makers and even though you can talk to people, you can not talk to people like you do on social media such as the share button.

    Word of mouth

Word of mouth and social media really go hand in hand. If someone sees your Cahootify profile or other social media site they might talk to their friends about it to tell them about the projects you’ve been working on and other work you have done. This will allow more people to visit your social media sites, and also this means you will have a bigger online presence because more people will know who you are and go on your social media sites.

This was my blog on Cahootify, I hope you enjoyed it.







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